Finding the Calm in Design

Let me officially say that if you are seeking answers to your design dilemmas then you need not look further than Design Confidential.


Allow me to preface this event by introducing you to my friend and creator/host Rachel Cannon Lewis of Design Confidential. Rachel and I met in Los Angeles at the Design Bloggers Conference. I agree as Rachel said, “we were instant friends.” Rachel’s formidable authenticity and wit is what made me adore her. She has a beautiful eye for design and believe her to be one of the best kept secrets in her design community. I am not sure how many people know this about Rachel, but she is a true Editor at heart. She loves the art of writing and has a keen eye for grammar. She is probably red marking my post as she is reading. But, I take it as a compliment because she is a great critic. I am proud to announce our sponsorship and participation on the Design Q & A panel for her Design Confidential workshop. We will address questions ranging from the perfect paint colors to helping you create a design plan to tackle your own design project. You will hear from experts who live and breath design everyday, giving you a rare opportunity to have a full day to “pick the brains” of leading designers with a combine 20+ years experience in one room. This designer’s workshop will take the dilemma out of design and put the plan of design back into your hands. There will be an abundance of design tips, expert design guidance and answers to your most pondered questions at your fingertips for a fraction of the typical design consultation. You will leave with a blue print to tackle your own project and the necessary tools to execute your design plan. We hope you will take advantage of this fantastic workshop to receive first hand knowledge and tips from leading design experts. Please feel free to drop us a line to introduce yourself before the workshop or ask questions. We cannot wait to meet you!